Black Radio Month

  WDIA in Memphis, Tennessee was the first African American Radio Station that was established in 1947. John Pepper and Bert Ferguson, were both white, and the format was a mix of country and pop music that did not do well. Soon after the format changed to a black appeal format. In the early 1950’s WDIA was the second most popular station in Memphis.



   WERD AM 860 Atlanta, Georgia was the second African American Station in 1949 and was housed in the Prince Hall Masonic Temple building on Auburn Avenue, once one of the wealthiest black neighborhoods in the United States.



vumeter WGRT AM 950 Chicago, Mister V, 1972 (30:06)


vumeter WJPC AM 950 Chicago, Richard Steele 1972 (6:10)


WJPC 1979..


  WVON AM 1450 was a leader in the Chicago African American Community since the 1960’s. WVON began broadcasting as WHFC in 1926.

April 1967..

Herb Kent, 1975..

vumeter WVON AM 1450 Chicago, Herb Kent, 1971 (15:48)


Herb Kent, 1984..

vumeter WVON AM 1450 Chicago, J.J. Johnson, 1972 (8:52)



vumeter WOL AM 1450 Washington, Sunny Jim Kelsey, October 1970 (32:17)


WOL Bobby Bennett 1979..