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The WNDR Syracuse Tribute Page

     Originally named as “The Wonder Station”, WNDR began broadcasting in Syracuse, New York on a frequency of 1260 kilocycles in the month of August 1946. The studio and transmitter were located on Andrews Road in DeWitt, N.Y. WNDR was the fourth Syracuse AM radio station on the air.

WFBL AM 1390 in 1922 was the first Syracuse radio station on the air in 1924 and WSYR-WMAC AM 570 second in 1924. WOLF AM 1490 began broadcasting in 1940, WAGE AM 620 in 1941, WQSR AM 1320, WSOQ AM 1220 and WPAW AM 1540 on the air by the early 1950’s. In 1959 WSEN AM 1050 went on the air with a country music format. WSEN radio was the first station north of the Mason-Dixon Line to plat country music. WNDR was one of the 300 affiliates to join The Mutual Broadcasting System network in 1946.


WNDR, Onondaga Radio Broadcasting Corp.

FCC Construction Permit, September 16, 1946..

WNDR approved call, October 1946..

WNDR-FM 102.5 megacycle FCC Grant, October 2, 1946..

WNDR Staff Christmas Party






1947 WNDR QSL Verifications..

March 24, 1947..

Late 1940’s..

August 1948..

March 1949..

The 1950’s..

April 1950..


WNDR Department Heads


Arthur C. Kyle Jr., General Manager           N.L. Kidd, Vice President/Treasurer

Melvyn M. Silvieus, Commercial Manager

On Air Personalities


Bob Ehle / Bill Quinn


         Dan Leonard  /  Jim Cosgrove “All Night Show”

WNDR Sports Personalities


Fred Jeske, The WNDR Timekeeper  /  Glenn Williams


Jerry Hoffman /  Jim McKechnie

     Jim McKechnie was famous sports announcer for the Syracuse Nationals basketball franchise in 1953. The National road games were broadcast by tickertape, which was sent from the visitor’s court to the WNDR studios over a phone line. The National’s were sold and moved to Philadelphia in 1963,  McKechnie stayed on at WNDR.

   These great WNDR personalities combine to make WNDR Syracuse’s most colorful station. In the sample “Hooper-rating” above, Glenn Williams and Fred Jeske combine to put WNDR in a tie for first place (third column is WNDR) for largest share of audience at the morning’s most important time.

    Syracuse Nationals – (top row, left to right) Red Rocha, Jim Tucker, John Kerr, Earl Lloyd, Dolph Schayes;  (bottom row, left to right) Capt. Paul Seymour, Bill Kenville, Wally Osterkorn, Dick Farley, George King, Coach Al Cervi. Audience survey show that more people listen to WNDR’s broadcast of the “Nats” Basketball Games than any other radio show in Syracuse.

WNDR Behind The Scenes


Francis Patterson, Receptionist  /  “Mickey” Lansley, Traffic Manager

WNDR Engineers


John Rathbun, Chief Engineer / Fred Schamu, Engineer

November 1954..

1260 WNDR 1955 Coverage Map

WNDR Programs

Wayne Schramm )third from left) and his Ozark Mountain Boys


Left to Right, Jack Bailey “Queen For A Day” / Gabriel Heatter / Fulton Lewis, Jr.

Aldo Ray visits WNDR 1955..

December 1958..

Peter C. Cavanaugh in 1959

The 1960’s..


Dan Leonard and Jolly Rolly Fowler

WNDR Lighters..


May 1960..

WNDR Lighter

WOLF Syracuse ad.. 1961

WNDR’s Bud Ballou took over WNYS-TV9’s version of American Bandstand-1965..

WNDR’s Newsman Claude “Red” Parton joined WNYS TV 9 in 1965..

WNDR 1960’s Music Surveys. The WNDR ‘Tunedex’ music survey premiered in 1960. It became ‘The Sing-a-Long Survey’ in 1966.

In 1961 Joey Reynolds worked at WNDR then moved on to WKBW Buffalo..

November 1962


April 1963..

WNDR Presents The Beatles Premiere Film “A Hard Days Night” at the North Drive-In, US Route 11, Cicero, NY.. August 12, 1964



Billboard Article, December 1966, WSEN FM 92.1 / AM 1050..

Syracuse Radio Station Market Info.. 1966


vumeter WNDR Bobby Ryan, August 1968 (29:46)





WNDR Studios and Transmitter Site 1969



vumeter WNDR 1968-1970 Air Composite (39:04)


vumeter WNDR Dandy Dan Leonard to Jack MacNamee, November 21, 1969 (17:23)



December 20, 1969..


  In the mid 1960’s WNDR became Central New York’s number one pop music station until WOLF changed format from country music to top 40 in 1969 as they both competed for a 18-34 year old audience. Three decades of WNDR Air Personalities..

Classic 1968 WNDR Jocks Mug..

Jim O’Brien, Fran McGrath, Don Bombard, George Plavokis & Mike Andrews


The 1970’s..

January 1970..

Billboard Magazine November 21, 1970..

July 1971..

1260 WNDR is part of the growing AT 40 family. WFBL will be next to carry AT 40 in 1973. A year later, 104.7 WKFM.

December 1971..

WNDR Sponsors the Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie Concert at The Syracuse War Memorial.. August 20, 1970

November 1971

WNDR Don Bombard added to Top 50 Air Check LP

vumeter WNDR Don Bombard’s Saturday Night Oldies Show (a.k.a. Bob Shannon WCBS-FM) , 1971 (16:11)





Fall 1975, Syracuse ARB..

August 1975..

August 1975..

December 1976..

August 1977, Syracuse ARB..

September 1978..

June 1979..

1975 Air Personalities..

WNDR 1978 Control Room

The 1980’s – 2017

    In the 1980′ WNDR ‘Musicradio’ was a solid gold oldies format. In 1989, the calls were changed to WNSS and the changed to an all news format “W-News”. In 1995, the WNDR call letters were assigned to FM 103.9 MHz in Mexico,N.Y., then changed to WVOQ in 1998. Currently, WNDR-LP, (W18AL), is a low power television station in the Syracuse area. AM 1260 WSKO is currently (2017) an E.S.P.N. Sports Affiliate.

WNSS News Radio 1996..

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