N2KNL 1992-Present
Vectronics HFT-1500 Watt Antenna TunerCape Cod APRS Map  144.390 MHzWeather Display-Version 10.37 R  Build 42
ICOM 756 PRO 2YAESU G800DXA RotatorICOM IC-746PRO TranceiverAPRS Kenwood TM-271 / Kantronics 3 Plus

CQ zone 5 ITU zone 6 Grid Loc: FN41xq Lat: N 41 40 ' 51 '' Lon: W 70 3 ' 26 ''






KENWOOD TH-D72A Handheld 2M/70cm APRS GPS Tranceiver (N2KNL-7)


UPDATED EQUIPMENT (Feb. 25, 2014) ...

ACER Aspire 5741 Laptop Windows 7
(2) DELL Lattitude D630 Laptops Windows XP
Weather Display Version 10.37Q-Build 75 to run Davis WX Stations
Rainwise Windlog DataLogger V1.0.0.14/USB Driver 2.08.28
WXWORX Mobile Weather Net V1.45
ChaserTV Download/Manycam/Adobe Flash LIVE Downloads
KENWOOD TH-D72A Handheld 2M/70cm APRS GPS Tranceiver
ICOM IC-706mk2g 160-2 meter all mode Tranceiver
(2) ICOM IC-229H 50 watt 2 meter FM Tranceiver
WOUXUN Model KG-UVD-1P 2 meter/440 handheld
 Byonics Micro-Trak RTG-3 complete 10 watt 2 meter Transmitter with APRS tracking
Uniden Bearcat BCT15 Trunktracker III Scanner
Davis Vantage Pro 2 Cabled Weather Station
Davis Monitor II Weather Station
RM Young Model 05103 Wind Sensor/Model 26700 Translator
WXWORX XM Satellite Weather Receiver
Samsung Galaxy 3 Phone
Verizon 4259 Mifi Jetpack
ChaserTV/Microsoft HD Webcam/ACER Laptop
SONY DCR-HC 36 Mini Digital Camcorder
OLYMPUS FE-230 7.1 Megapixel Digital Camera/Video Recorder


   June of 2010 I purchased a new ACER Aspire 5741 laptop computer. It has 4 GB memory, 500 GB HD, DVD/CD Burner, 15.6 inch HD LED Screen, a Logiteck M310 wireless mouse and many other features.It's main use is to run WX Worx Mobile Threat Net and Live Video Stream to ChaserTV.


   (2) Dell Lattitude D630 Laptops.One to run my mobile weather station data LIVE to Weather Underground and second laptop for backup.



WxWorx Mobile Threat Net Package

XM Satellite Weather  WxWorx

 WXWORX XM Weather Mobile Threat Net Package US GlobalSat BU-353 USB port GPS Receiver

WXWORX Components...
DC-AC Power Adaptors, Software
with your personal Radio ID Number.
Receiver connects to the first USB port.
US Global Sat BU-353 USB port GPS Receiver
Includes the Antenna / 5 foot USB Cable and Software.
Connects to the second USB port.



 Webcam connects to ACER laptop.Manycam software operates webcam,

Manycam software links to Adobe Flash Media Live

 URL address connects to the Weather Decision Technologies/ChaserTV office in Norman, OK. for rebroadcast.



ChaserTV Live Video Stream and Wunderground weather data transmitted with a 3G-4G Verizon Wireless Model 4279 Jetpack.The Jetpack transmits/receives up to 5 different Wifi signals for the laptops.I have a $95 pay as you go monthly plan.


  Having an Amateur Radio License is a plus. When I travel in the Midwest, I chat with fellow hams back in New York State and Massachusetts on the 20 meter band (14.300 MHz). I can report severe weather to the National Weather Service operators on local 2 meter repeaters that have an operating range up to 50 miles. An ARRL US Repeater Guide lists repeaters by State, Frequency and PL tones. Some repeaters are pl toned but most are open. It is important to monitor police activity, emergencies and National Weather Service broadcasts with a scanner or the ICOM IC-706 mkIIg.. Have a micro cassette recorder handy to record severe weather bulletins while tracking storms.
ICOM IC-706mkIIg HF/VHF 100 Watt All Mode Transceiver


ICOM IC-229h  
ICOM IC229H 2 Meter Tranceiver
ICOM 706 and 229 are both used for 2 meter voice communications.
On occasion there have been two ham radio storm chase groups operating different frequencies.


ICOM IC-229h

Byonics Tiny Trak 4

Second ICOM IC229H 2 Meter Tranceiver connected to Byonics Tiny Trak for APRS Tracking. Microphone disconnected.


 Backup or primary Byonics Micro-Trak RTG-3 complete 10 watt 2 meter transmitter with APRS tracking


KENWOOD TH-D72A Handheld 2M/70cm APRS/GPS Tranceiver (N2KNL-7)


Wouxun Model kg-uvd1p 2 meter / 440 handheld


New Uniden Bearcat BCT15 Trunktracker III Scanner


Samsung Galaxy 3



ChaserTV Live Video Stream and Wunderground weather data transmitted with a 3G-4G Verizon Wireless Model 4279 Jetpack



VECTOR 1,000 Watt Power Inverter
Midland Weather Radio with S.A.M.E. Alert Vector 1,000 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Power Inverter


RM Young Model 05103 Wind Sensor / Model 26700 Translator

Model 26700 Translator connects to Dell D630 Laptop via DB9 connection..


Rainwise Windlog / USB connection to Dell computer

  PERSONAL NOTE: I've searched the internet and didn't see storm chasers using the windlog sensor on their vehicles. I use it and it works great! The first windlog is mounted on the Aluma  Tower up 40 feet nested (and cranked up to 65 feet) using 100 feet of Cat5 (340 MHz) cable connected to a laptop in the radio room. The second unit is installed on my chase vehicle. The windlog's primary use is for collecting wind data prior to Wind Turbine installations.The Rainwise Windlog and software sells new for about $350.  

Davis 6152C, Rainwise Windlog sensors and 3 webcams. Two cameras at the top of the tower and the third looking at weather instruments.

Defender 4-Channel 500GB Hard Drive Surveillance System...

SE View @ 45 Ft..

W View @ 61 Ft..

SE View @ 61 Ft..

Front Entrance..


DAVIS Vantage Pro 6152 Weather Stations-Cabled Version


DAVIS Model 7440 Weather Monitor II/Weatherlink/DB9 connects to laptop..

WeatherLink RS232 Interface


Weather Display Software Version 10.37Q-Build 75 for Davis WX Stations..

Weather Display Control Panel page to Weather Underground set up..

Weather Underground Login Page transmits live weather data to the internet every 3 seconds..

Final product..Live mobile and home weather stations...

      On during active Weather / Wind speed and direction incorrect while driving   



Thunderbolt_Storm_Detector_TB-U1 Thunderbolt_Storm_Detector_TB-U1 SKYSCAN Storm Detector



Thunderbolt  Storm Detector TB-U1 SKYSCAN Storm Detector



  Video equipment is of great importance. When looking for a camcorder, use a VHS-C digital mini cassette format. Always use new cassettes and test each tape to assure they work properly.After recording a full tape, break the record tab and label each tape. Keep the tape/head transport clear of moisture, dirt and fingerprints. I suggest not using DVD camcorders. If you forget to save (burn) your video, you'll lose the video data. Plus, DVD's easily get scratched, tapes are encased in plastic.
SONY DCR-HC 36 Mini Digital Camcorder
SONY DCR-HC 36 Mini Digital Camcorder


OLYMPUS FE-230 7.1 Megapixel Digital CameraOLYMPUS FE-230 7.1 Megapixel Digital Camera
OLYMPUS FE-230 7.1 Megapixel Digital Video/Camera

Equipment is protected in a Pelican Case.

Reflective Magnetic Signs




   Weather enthusiasts often ask, how do I become a storm chaser? Before you chase storms, a course in meteorology is strongly advised. Reading books and the internet are both great places to start. When you storm chase, it is very important to be aware of your surroundings. Safety and common sense first! Observing an anvil top of a severe thunderstorm 50 miles away and chasing that storm could put you in danger. Not knowing if the storm will change course, or, you are on an unfamiliar dead end road or the road is washed away from a flood. The storm's rain band could obstruct a tornado, high wind or hail. The greatest dangers to storm chasers are not just tornadoes, wind and hail, instead, it's traffic and lightning. Night chasing can be very dangerous. Only a few chasers pursue night storms. But those who do, rely on RADAR and frequent lightning to see the storm. I have researched the internet and found the best 188 Storm Chasing Websites which are located at the lower part of this page.

    Another important tip is public safety. Never sleep at unlit Interstate rest area's unless a caravan of tractor trailers are present. Sleep overnights on well lighted toll roads and turnpikes. Service Plaza parking areas near the food courts and Truck stops like TA Travel Centers or Love's Truck Stops are your best bet. They are open 24 hours and have hot showers.You'll be carrying expensive equipment, credit cards, money, etc.. Always cover your equipment with a blanket when leaving the vehicle unattended. KOA Campground sells a US Directory for $6.00 online. Most campgrounds are within a few miles of most interstate highways and  charge $15-20 per night which includes a hot shower and heated pool. Always have on hand a large Coleman cooler with plenty of drinks/water, food/protein bars and ice for emergencies.

    Your chase vehicle will be your best friend. It must be in good working order. A complete checkup should be done each spring, and each time before a trip. A chase can be hundreds of miles per day depending on where severe weather occurs. An oil change may be necessary during the trip.  It is wise not to chase alone. If you are traveling with a group in multiple vehicles, communication is important. Most storm chasers are amateur radio operators and they are in contact with each other on local 2 meter simplex frequencies. Non hams use citizens band or cell phones. Not all cell phones work in open areas without cell service, but some cellular companies use satellites. I use a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone.

My collection of study materials...  "Under The Whirlwind" and "Essentials of Meteorology" are my favorite study guides. "Essentials of Meteorology" is a common college study guide. The price is about $110 new and is also available at half the price on Ebay.

Essentials of Meteorology Under The Whirlwind The Ultimate Storm Storm Chaser USA Today
Fifth Edition Second Edition Survival Handbook By Warren Faidley The Weather Book
C. Donald Ahrens Jerrine & Arjen Verkaik By Warren Faidley . By Jack Williams

Week of May 10-17, 2009 I chased storms in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. I saw the Kirksville, Missouri EF 2 Tornado damage from May 13, 2009. See the photos of my trip here.

May 15, 2009  Tornadic Supercell near Garnett,Kansas Kirksville, Missouri EF 2 Tornado Damage from May 13, 2009



Travel Check List

Currency and Credit Cards- Cash hidden from view 2 Pelican Cases with equipment
Valid Drivers License/Vehicle Registration/Spare Keys WxWorx Receiver, Antenna, GPS and USB Cables
Current AAA PLUS Membership (up to 100 Mile towing) 3 Dell Laptops-Power Adaptors and the carrying case.
AAA Membership Maps and Road Atlases Laptop Desk Stand
Chase Log Book / Pens / Calendar / Reading Glasses Bring ALL Backup CD Software
Compasses ICOM 706mkII, ICOM 735 and ICOM 229h Tranceivers
 First Aid Kit / Medicine Motorola  Tracfone with at least 400 minutes and AC-DC Adaptors
Flashlights/Tool Kit (Soldering Gun, etc..) Panasonic Micro Cassette Recorder
Clothing, Blankets and personal Items. SONY Camcorder and accessories
Insulated Cooler-Non perishable Food and Bottled Water Olympus Cameras and accessories
Hardhat, Eye Goggles, Raincoat 2 Davis Weather Monitor II, Weather Wizard Consoles
Car Fuses/Anti-freeze, Oil, Fanbelts,etc.. Wind, Ext. Temp and Rain Gauge Instruments
 Car Battery Jumper Cables SKYSCAN Lightning Detector
100' AC Extension Cord Vector 1,000 Watt Power Inverter
Extra Batteries- AAA, AA and 9 Volt Whelen Emergency LED Strobe Amber Lights



Updated APRIL 28, 2009