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This page updated August 29, 2015

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The ALUMA T-50H Tower has been in service since August 2011. Here are the most recent photos as of August 29, 2015...


MOSLEY TA33M / CUSHCRAFT A50-5S 6 Meter and 13B2 2 Meter Yagis


New Davis 6152C Weather Station, Rainwise Windlog and 3 webcams, two at the top of the tower and the third looking at the weather instruments..

Defender 4-Channel 500GB Hard Drive Surveillance System..


SE View @ 45 Ft..

W View @ 61 Ft..

SE View @ 61 Ft..

Front Entrance..


Part 1 - Permit / Delivery

     The town approved the tower permit on June 17, 2011. The fee was $50 and the Building Inspector was very  knowledgable on tower installations, from ham to cell towers. The process from application to approval was 6 working days. Shortly after I picked up the permit I ordered the tower.

   The tower,mast and accessories shipped in a 26 foot wood crate. Shipment departed Monday August 8th from the Aluma Tower Company in Vero Beach, Florida via YRC Yellow Freight. Delivery was Friday August 12th.  Russ K1RTA offered his help and the use of his cement mixer over after the tower arrives. Thanks! Here is his Aluma Tower installation and shack on QRZ.com.

   The tower is here!

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower t-50H

The crate size was 26' X 2' X 2' and weighs 796 pounds!! uuggghhhh!

Russ K1RTA Pulled the crate with his vehicle and dragged it onto the driveway.

The crate size seems intimidating but it was easier than we thought.

ALUMA Tower T-50H

Russ,Joe and I dismantled the crate. It was easy with 1/2" pine and thin staples.

Most of the weight was the MP-2 Ground Post and lots of pine wood.

The tower was only 100 pounds!

My wife, Elaine KB1VAJ took the photos.

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T 50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

ALUMA Tower T-50H

Unloding time 2 hours.

Aluma Tower did a great job crating the tower to ship.

The company sells a great product and it is well worth the money.


Part 2 - The Foundation

        A few days after I received the tower, Russ came over and we began work. The foundation size is 44"w x 34"d x 36"h. That's rather large for a T-50h tower (standard size is 30" x 30" x 36"). We made the foundation larger due to more sand here on Cape Cod and when the contractors built this home they must have used sand to fill around the house. At least it was easy for us to shovel. Two hours and 20 wheelbarrows later we cut part of the wood crate into 36" x 10" boards to form the foundation. The wood is held together with screws and will be removed just after the concrete pour. My last tower project was in the Syracuse area back in the 1980's, lots of clay, mud and rocks.  


42 bags of Quikrete was delivered yesterday, August 19th. I'm assembling the rebar cage

 and mounting the foundation screws to the T-Base today.

Tomorrow we will mount the MP2 ground post and rebar cage and then pour.

MP 2 Ground Post and Rebar

Time to pour the concrete...

Russ and TJ poured most of the bags of concrete but we needed more (below) Elaine and I

bought 16 more bags.


30 minutes after the pour, Russ troweled and we installed the T-Base.



Part 3- Tower Installation


     Before connecting the tower to the T Base, i'm installing a 3,000 lb.12 Volt DC Full Braking ATV Winch from Harbor Freight in Fall River,Ma., a NAPA Deep Cycle Marine Battery / Battery Box, and a  Battery Minder Charger/Conditioner .These items will replace the manual winch that comes with the tower.It takes too long to hand crank,especially in an approaching storm. As for raising and lowering the tower, I'm using the worm gear winch that comes with the tower. A high torque cordless drill should be sufficent.  Gotta' love that aluminum!


The Winch

The winch remote will be mounted inside the coax junction box.


Pulley and Eye Bolt connected to the MP2 Post


Test and partial raising of the tower!!




Part 4 - Grounding, Guying, Rotor, Antennas and Coax


Tower Grounding

Shoveled two 15 foot trenches and installed 2  8 foot galvinized ground rods and cable to the tower legs.

There are NO ground connections to the rebar. Any lightning discharge will take the path to the ground rods.

I read from other tower installers, If lightning discharges through the concrete, it could possibly crack it.


Tower legs, MP2 post and Coax Enclosure Box grounded to the 2  8 foot ground rods.



Tower Guying

4 foot galvanized screw anchors / Galvanized shackles / T 304 stainless turnbuckles /

3/16 inch stainless guy cable and u bolts



Rotator Wiring

Solder 6 wires to the 2 connectors of the Yaesu G800DXA Rotator

Test and calibrate all functions.

I'm impressed how light weight and quiet the rotator operates. Different from my old HYGain T2X.

The T2X is still a great rotator,but with improved technology, you can't beat the G800DXA at a cost of under $500.

 The braking mechanism is extremely quiet! The preset memory and speed adjustment are nice features too.


Spraying White Lithium Grease on rollers


Weather proofing the rotator wire with electrical tape then coax seal


Protecting the thrust bearing with a 2" x 4" plumbers boot purchased at True Value.


The 6 meter yagi ready to go


Mounting the Davis Weather Wind Sensors



Tower (Shown Nested & Guyed)

       Cushcraft 13B2 13 Element 2 Meter Yagi
    Cushcraft A50-5S 5 Element 6 Meter Yagi
    Davis Weather Station WEATHER MONITOR 2 Model 7440

30' Mast (Guyed)

      Wineguard 8 Element Broadcast FM Yagi
    HyGain 5 Element 2 Meter Yagi (Scanning and Backup 2 Meter Antenna)
    Wilson 800 MHz Yagi (Scanning Antenna)

Roof Vent Pipe

       45 MHz Vertical Antenna (30-54 MHz Low Band Scanning Antenna)


       Homebrew 40 Meter Dipole (4:1 Balun at mast. Each end with pulleys to tree trunks).
    2 Davis Weather Stations...
            VANTAGE PRO Model 6150C
            WEATHER MONITOR 2 Model 7440






     RED - 800 MHz Wilson Yagi (Scanning Antenna)
    ORANGE - HyGain 5 Element 2 Meter Yagi (Scanning and Backup 2 Meter Antenna)
     YELLOW - 45 MHz Vertical Antenna (30-54 MHz Low Band Scanning Antenna)
      Red, Orange and Yellow Coax feeds a Diamond MX-2000 Triplexer with one coax run into shack for scanning radios.

     BLUE - Cushcraft A50-5S 5 Element 6 Meter Yagi
     LIGHT GREEN - Cushcraft 13B2 13 Element 2 Meter Yagi
     DARK GREEN - Wineguard 8 Element Broadcast FM Yagi
    GROUND STRAP - Connected to Steel Panel,Tower,MP2 Post, 30' mast (with antennas) and two 8' Ground Rods.

     WINCH HANDHELD REMOTE CONTROL - For tilting over the tower.
     RYOBI 19 VOLT CORDLESS DRILL / 7/8" Socket - For raising and lowering the tower.
     ALLIED ELECTRONICS-Bud Industries Electrical Enclosure & Steel Panel



Two stainless clips clip onto the aluminum plate and slide down and hold the plastic container in place.

Synthetic Waterproof Gease was applied to the threads and gears.



Tower Cranked Up

Raises in 20 seconds



Tower Nested






My First Tower Installation

   I installed my first Rohn 25G tower back in 1984 and at my second home in 1989, both in the Syracuse, NY area. I purchased a new 38 foot tower from a Rohn Distributor in Rome, NY. Both installations were easy. I think I paid about $350 for the tower, house bracket and 3 foot base tower section! The 3 x 3 x 4 foot deep trench only took a couple of hours to shovel, including 2 x 6 inch framing. I bolted the house bracket and shoveled 8 inches of crushed stone into the bottom of the trench, then set the 3 foot base section and two10 foot sections into the trench. I bolted the tower sections to the house bracket. Once the sections were plumb and level, I finished shoveling in the last 4 inches of stone keeping the tower legs free of dirt and any water that will crack the tower legs in freezing weather. I mixed bags of concrete mix in a wheel burrow and poured on a dry warm cloudy day. Here is a photo of my 1989 tower install  which was taken just before I got my amateur radio license. Antennas include VHF and UHF TV Channel Master antennas and a Hy Gain Tailtwister T2X Rotor. To the right, Channel Master FM Stereo Probe 9 FM stacked antennas. Heathkit ID-4001 Wind instruments are on the chimney. Multi-band scanning ground plane antenna to the left of the chimney.